Logos and Colors: Pet Insurance From Nationwide®

Here are logos and icons for branding your pet insurance voluntary benefits communications – plus information about our primary color palette.

Preferred print logo options:

This logo features Nationwide’s widely recognized tagline. It’s the preferred option for printed communications. Be sure to scale the logo so that the tagline is legible when using this version.

Preferred web logo options:

Use this basic logo when the design calls for a simpler approach or when space does not allow the logo to be scaled so that the tagline is legible. This is Nationwide’s preferred option for enterprise-wide communications online.

Approved one color logo options:

Black and white options

Secondary options are available when production Iimitations prevent you from using full color. The only approved one-color option for the brand mark is black and white. Both preferred print and web versions are provided in download.

Reversed logo options

When it is not possible to use a full color version, the logo can be reversed. The reversed logo should only be used on backgrounds that provide sufficient contrast to allow for clear legibility. Both preferred print and web versions are provided in download.

Download all graphic assets

Download all logos and icons in a convenient zip file for later use. (You can still come back here to revisit appropriate usage or to download individual icons.)

Primary color palette

Provided is the primary Nationwide color palette. For quick reference, the specs are:

Nationwide Blue
Print Colors:       PMS 2133       |       CMYK: C95 M73 Y2 K0
Web Colors:       RGB: R28 G87 B165       |       HEX: #1C57A5

Print Colors:       CMYK: C0 M0 Y0 K0
Web Colors:       RGB: R255 G255 B255       |       HEX: #FFFFFF

Print Colors:       CMYK: C0 M0 Y0 K100
Web Colors:       RGB: R0 G0 B0       |       HEX: #000000